Hello everyone, 
Humanity wonders wishes everyone happy World Peace Day.  21st September was declared as International Day of Peace  by United Nations  to strengthen the ideals of peace  through observing 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire.
A quick question to all:
Will wishing & observing non violence for one day will help us get a peaceful world? 
NO, because world peace will be achieved only if each & every human will be at peace from within. As it is said that charity begins at home, so to make the world a peaceful place, one must begin with oneself because sole purpose of existence is to be at peace. 
At humanity wonders, we are going to talk & teach about wonders that will help achieve internal as we as external peace.  
Let’s be a part of World Peace Day and together let’s make the world a peaceful,  joyful & beautiful  place for each living being. 
We have prepared a quiz & some questions that will make one think what is their stand for peace. We would highly recommend kids to be a part of it as kids are the future & if they understand peace, we can have a peaceful world for sure. While you are still here, kindly subscribe for humanity wonders newsletter.
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