When your child has tears in her eyes looking at someone else’s pain, you know you have done something correct as a parent.
In 2018, a summer evening in Paris, we were sitting outside the Louvre. Suddenly I heard sobs next to me. When I turned around I saw my 7 year old crying. First we thought she got hurt. When I comforted & asked her, she pointed towards a person who was selling small knick knacks sitting on the side of the road & said ‘mom that uncle is trying to sell his things but no one is buying from him. What will he eat if he doesn’t get money? What will his family eat? I sat there for a moment, with tears of pride in my eyes. That moment, I was sure that it doesn’t matter what she becomes in her professional life when she grows up, one thing is clear - she is going to be a wonderful loving human being. She is going to live the sole purpose of her existence to the fullest. Her smile returned only after she gave some money to him. 
There are many such incidences where we saw her compassion towards other humans. Be it her choices of books or her choices of writing - everything boils down to humanity. 

One day she came up with an idea? 
Mom, how about spreading awareness about humanity amongst kids (who are the future) & making this world a better place to live?  
And that’s how we ended up with an idea of spreading & teaching humanity - the most integral part of one’s existence. 
I am happy & excited to announce the partnership with my daughter Nayra, for Humanity Wonders with Nayra & Rani. Follow our group Humanity wonders with Nayra & Rani for some interesting facts, activities , interactions, interviews , reviews & much more about humanity. We encourage both,  kid’s & parent’s participation together to make the most out of this. 
It’s good when one person starts a cause but it gets a whole different meaning when a community gets together to make a wonderful difference in this world. 
Let’s get together & make this world a peaceful, joyful & beautiful for generations to come.
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