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Hello everyone
Here is a question for all of you? What are the wonders of the world? 
Yes I know all of u must be thinking about the seven wonders of the world. These are beautiful but they are just monumental wonders. But here I am talking about something totally different & something very important. 
The real wonders are within us humans. We all are born on this earth as humans for a purpose.  And that purpose is humanity!
So here I am, presenting to you the humanity wonders. 
Humanity wonders are the skills required to be a good human being. The skill required to live our purpose, which is Humanity. 
Few of the humanity wonders are empathy, smile, gratitude, peace, freedom & kindness. There are many other wonders. 
I will be talking about these wonders in a quick hit of inspiration & how can we kids make a difference with small acts of humanity every Monday at 7pm on my youtube channel. Click here.

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So tighten ur seat belts & embrace the beautiful journey of humanity. ​​​​​​​
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